Publication Process:

The confrence proceeding will be publish as per follows
  • The processing charges for each article/ manuscript is Rs 500/-[Amount excludes with Govt. of India GST 18%]. Minimounm amount to pay is Rs. 5900 (Rs. Five Thousand Nine Hundred only, Amount includes with Govt. of India GST 18%]
  • The all papers will be of conference papers not other papers than conference.
  • The papers must be reviewed by publisher before publishing it, the copy write format (duly singed) must be provide before publication from all the authors
  • The articles must be reached to us at least 25 days before the conference or after it .
  • The cover of confrence proceeding is our own, there will be no any correction will be entered in future, but the information about conference must be highlighted by us on inside of cover page.
  • Thre is no print copy will be provided, only e-book will be published